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An acronym for "beat-off cutoff date." This term is widely used by people who spend long periods of time away from home to define the point after which they will not masturbate before returning home. For example, if a person is due to rotate home on the 20th of the month and they have a personal two-week BOCOD, they will cease masturbating after the 6th.
I rolled out of bed with a serious case of morning wood, but it's after BOCOD, so I couldn't do anything about it.
by P. Niss December 05, 2007
Describes a male that has flamboyantly gay characteristics and/or mannerisms without any irrefutable evidence to his actual homosexuality. Quasi-gay lies between metrosexual and homosexual, but distinctly closer to the homosexual end of the scale.
"He doesn't have the balls to man up and be gay. He's quasi-gay." Direct quote by Shaun C. of Norfolk, VA
by P. Niss January 08, 2008
When one attempts to deliver a Boston Pancake only to discover that they have diarrhea.
Dude, my chick was totally down for a Boston Pancake, but lost her mind when it turned out to be a Memphis Mudslide!
by P. Niss October 19, 2007

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