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Dry Humper. A girl you take home from a bar, gets naked (sometimes) and wont have sex.
Shit dude, I took the DH home again last night, she wouldn't even let me suck on the titties. Now i have to jerk off.
by P. Man January 13, 2007
The finest item off of the McDonald's dollar menu; the double cheeseburger.
The bars are all closed, let's go grab some Mcbrih's. (they don't actually appreciate you calling them Mcbrihs when ordering.)Easily confused with the McRib
by P. Man January 13, 2007
Pulling a beer out of a six pack, while it is still in the fridge.
Hey dude, get me a beer, watch out for the tricky tilt.
by P. Man January 13, 2007
McDonald's. Enjoyed after a long night of drinking.
Last night was rough, lets go get some Dirt Magirt.
by P. Man January 13, 2007
A very large woman. The more O's the bigger the Boom.

An Exclamation regarding a big girls weight. . .at the bar.
They do catch on quick, however, and may call you out. if this happens, blame the person next to you.
Dude did you see that Booom! that Sean Mulinax took home last night. Boooooooooooom!
by P. Man January 13, 2007

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