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To excrete fecal matter into a sock and then to hit a person in the face with the sock filled with feces.
I pooped in my sock while in the Jeep, and jumped out and gave a Hot Karl to the homeless man.
by P. Lucho August 09, 2004

Any species of invertebrates which have four or more legs and infest the pubic areas of humans, and are passed through sexual contact.

Sometimes inhabit beards and scalps.
1. You best not bang that whore, lest you get some nasty pants rabbits.
2. "What the hell kind of bed you giving us, anyways. We don't want no pants rabbits." Steinbeck, Jon. Of Mice and Men.
by P. Lucho January 01, 2006
Alternate spelling of phallacio.
It's simply oral sex.
by P. Lucho August 11, 2004
To excrete feces onto another person's nose. Sometimes a strange fetish act. If the defecator has liqueous feces, the act is called chunky soup.
I popped a nugget right on Tammy's nose, it was quite an exquisite brown clown.
by P. Lucho August 09, 2004
An unusually coarsly-haired vagina, sometimes with the hair growing into the labial gap.
My dick kept getting scratched and chafed by her poonapple.
by P. Lucho July 19, 2004
A food preferred by blacks. Chicken skin is saved and usually fried, where it is then wrapped around a stick of butter and consumed.
That fat nigger Tyrone ate six chicken skin butter wraps. What a tub o' black lard!
by P. Lucho August 09, 2004
The act of trying to give someone a brown clown but instead having diarrhea, resulting in covering the receiver's head in liqueous feces.
I was trying to give Bob a brown clown, but all that came out was chunky soup.
by P. Lucho August 09, 2004

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