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(n) A person who never has any money and/or is constantly broke. Yet, this person never has any problem with always asking you to lend him/her some cash. The biggest problem they have is paying you back on time, if ever.

These people are the object of both pity and utter disdain by many.
"You can kiss that $20 you let Ed borrow goodbye. He's a real charity case."
by P. Dubya June 11, 2007
(n) The fatty, gelatinous, sagging skin that appears underneath the length of the arm from the shoulder down to the elbow.

Called "arm swings" for their characteristic swaying, back-and-forth motion they make whenever they are moved around.

Commonly found on: Obese adults/kids, elderly people, people who are out of shape, and anyone who loses a great deal of weight in a short amount of time.
Observer #1: "Hey, look at that fat chick power-walking. She kinda waddles like a duck."

Observer #2: "Ugh, thats not what I'm looking at. She should wear some long sleeves cause those arm swings are making me nauseous."
by P. Dubya June 05, 2007
(n)& (v): A dichotomy of both a compliment and unspoken insult. The compliment portion is obvious. Who wouldn't want to be "numero uno"?

However, the insult portion comes in the form of body language when the phrase, "You're Number 1!", is accompanied with raising the dreaded middle finger at the receiver of said compliment.

Results vary as the receiving person could either become angry or amused. But one thing is certain...they will definitely be confused.
Dave: "That was a great game of basketball, wasn't it? You did your best, but I came out the winner tonight! Better luck next time."

Keith: "Yeah man, what can I say? You're Number 1!" (raises middle finger)

Dave: "Hey, thanks...huh? What the hell!?"
by P. Dubya June 07, 2007
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