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An overrated, ancient pitcher who should probably retire. Greg Maddux is better.
Joe Morgan: We have news that Roger Clemens will now be appearing on the mound accompanied with a walker and an oxygen tank.
by P. Dub July 20, 2006
1. An expletive expression used when a negative event occurs.

2. An expression used to indicate the state of being impressed.
1. "Oh shit! I just wrecked my dad's Saab after I piss drunk, driving 85 the wrong way down a 25, one-way street. Oh, I may have killed a hooker and a sick poodle, too.

2. "Oh shit! Did you see that African man jump that fence when the police sirens came this way?
by P. Dub July 27, 2006
A disparaging term given to the derogatory symbol of Feminism, created by internet humorist Maddox. It is a swastika with dashes underneath the main "arms" to form four rotating letter "F's," for "feminism. "Twastika" is derived from "twat" and "swastika."
"Raise those twastikas high, ladies!"
by P. Dub January 27, 2007
A football game between two teams that are considered to suck and/or blow by general consensus.
"Hey John! Get the nachos and hard liquor, the Browns and Raiders are playing in the toliet bowl!"
by P. Dub December 23, 2006
To manipulate one's genitals; masturbation
"I just watched Schindler's List. I don't think I can ever ham whack again."
by P. Dub August 31, 2007
Filthy spin put on a pitched breaking ball in the game of baseball. Derived from the billiards technique of putting "english," or side-spin on the cue ball.
"Holy shit! Barry Zito's curve ball has some nasty english!"
by P. Dub May 06, 2007

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