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A dirtbag who somehow has scraped enough change together to make it from some crappy Atlantic seaboard state down I-95 to Florida, and then was to laxy to go any farther. Usually, the plan was to go to Miami, but they ended up polluting the streets of Jacksonville Beach. This can be a male or female, young or old, usually of caucasian ethnicity, with limited education, and absolutely no class whatsoever. They are easy to spot by their sideways ball caps, fake gold jewelry, wife beater t-shirt, and always have a cigarette hanging out of the side of the mouth when talking. This creature can usually be found drunk or fighting, when not busy stealing.
Did you see that tool riding that bicycle with the ape hanger handlebars?

Yeah man, what a slider--look, he even has a Salt Life t-shirt! Ha! Go home to Delaware man!
by P-diddy1968 March 25, 2009

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