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The stereotypical classification of one or multiple individuals that have characteristics of the hardcore sub-culture. Such as listening to Hardcore (Screamo) music , attending concerts, and dressing in a particular fashion. Such as wearing skinny jeans, v-necks, band tee's, cut off shorts (jorts), Vans, Toms, etc. Although there are many false pretenses about this classification, they are almost entirely all false. This sub-culture will be the driving force behind our generation to the next, with the largest amount of free thinkers, open mindedness, and general compassion. Hardcore (Screamo) music is actually commonly listened to by all different sub-cultures.
"That guy is listening to A Day To Remember, he's obviously a Screamo."

"Cut off shorts? You're a Screamo!"

"Look at those Screamos throw down!"

"Toms and Vans are for screamo(s)."
by P-Train July 11, 2012
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