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Someone who sounds attractive over the phone, but is fugly in person.
The lady at the bank is phone hot.
by P-Sheezy January 15, 2007
Fanny pack. Also can be used as a proper name to describe someone wearing said pouch.
Guy 1: Nice dick pouch, douche bag.


Guy 2: Check out Richard Pouch.
by P-Sheezy January 15, 2007
When two fags are vying for ultimate fag supremacy amongst their fag peers.
These two fags are ready to go at it. It's a fag off fo' sheezy.
by P-Sheezy January 15, 2007
The ridiculous expression on one's face after consuming copious amounts of alcohol and/or drugs (namely cocaine). Another variation is "the face of guy." Also used to describe someone who has spent the night at a "face party"
Dude: Did you see Toby last night? He was so fucked up! He had his guyface on fo' sheezy.

Guy: I was rockin' out at Dude's face party last night, and I left with the face of guy.
by P-Sheezy January 15, 2007

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