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Sexual act in which two women take turns giving one man head.
"They were both trying to suck my dick! They were playing dueling faces."
by P-Money315 January 05, 2010
Any action between two male friends that is not good bro etiquette. These actions can include, but are not limited to, cock blocking, flirting with another's ex girlfriend, and being a poor wing man.
Travis: Did you see what happened to me at the bar last night when I was flirting with Ashley?

Andy: Yeah, P-Money came up and bought her a drink and went home with her. That was piss poor brotiquette!
by P-Money315 April 30, 2010
Combination of the words "nigger" and "commandeer;" where commandeer is the confiscation of a vehicle for military use, nigger-deering is confiscation by theft for personal use. Nigger-deering is often followed by driving while intoxicated (by most likely multiple substances), listening to loud music, and speeding.
Person 1: I saw that Tyrese got a new vehicle?

Person 2: Yeah he nigger-deered it down on 12th Street.
by P-Money315 January 06, 2010
Any form of male ejaculate that is tainted by sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, or the clap.
Jonny: Yo I think Karen is going to hook up with that sketchy looking brother tonight.

Daryl: I hope she doesn't, I think he has a serious case of weaponized semen.
by P-Money315 March 21, 2010
Noun: pronounced foo-wee

Acronym for Figment Of Imagination. Something that happened that truly couldn't have been real due to extremes of audicity and absurdity. Commonly used to refer to events or people. Sometimes described as a dreamlike occurrence.
Person 1: Did you meet that crazy cat Jithin last night? The one that had the one-piece jump suit and clip on earrings and was snap dancing to Soulja Boi??

Person 2: Oh shit, bro! I coulda sworn he was a FOI!!
by P-Money315 January 06, 2010

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