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the ability of an unlocked iPhone to dial it's address book randomly when activated by pressure in your rear pocket.
'Dude, you called me, like, three times last night...'.

'Yeah, sorry man, my iPhone was ass-dialling'.
by P-Dew May 23, 2009
making a mistake on purpose; intentionally fucking something up.
'There's ink all over your shirt!'

'Yeah, I up-fucked it because I really hate it.'
by P-Dew May 23, 2009
The intersecting emotions of insecurity, panic and narcissism that drives one to constantly seek validation by posting endless self-photos selfie photos on social media websites.
They are SO inselfity!

Their inselfity is becoming obnoxious!
Stop the inselfity!
by P-DEW August 15, 2014
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