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the secretions of the vagina released during orgasm-- more specifically, while a girl is being orally serviced
(having her pussy eaten)
my Bunny got some tasty cunny honey :P~
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
the warm, tasty liquid secreted by a girl's vagina when one performs cunnilingus
I love when Bunny sits on my face-- that way I can eat more of her girlie cum
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
or, more specifically, Bunny juice.
The tasty treat secreted by Bunny's cookie when I chow down on it. (i.e.- eat her pussy)

similar to pussy juice, girlie cum, cunny honey
PK: I'm thirsty...

DB: What do you want to drink?

PK: I want me some Bunny juice!
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
shortened version of Doom Bunny

a beautiful, lovely, sexy, sweet young woman.

The girl of my dreams... *literally*
Kitty loves his Bunny!
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
(pet name)
a name I gave to my girlfriend

A sexy lil' thang with a sweet face & pouty lips;
beautiful Babe o' mine with the hot, curvy hips;
wonder of dreams with great twins and tasty nips;
dee-lish-us doll who loves how this kitty sips--

and that's but a taste of her...
Prurient Kitty loves his Doom Bunny
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
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