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Similiar to the shocker. But instead of two in the pink and 1 in the stink. It would be two in each whole
Do you want to be vulcaned tonight
by P Man JOnes August 25, 2011
To penitrate a womans area and fill her up with fluids.
Guy 1 : Man did you sleep with that chick last night?

Guy 2: Yea man totally Crank Tanked Her
by P Man JOnes December 14, 2011
Similiar to guitar hero, when a woman is about to climax during sex the guy then will lift her one leg up as if it were a guitar trying to get star power. He then will yell star power as loud as he can.
During sex the woman was soon to climax

Guy: Lifts up the right leg straight into the air and yells "Star Power" achieving greatness
by P Man Jones August 30, 2011

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