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In Venezuela, name given to low quality cannabis imported from colombia in pressed, tape-wrapped bricks which usually weight one kilo and cost about $100-$120. Given the scale in which it is produced, the weed is of the lowest possible quality and almost not apt for human consumption. The color can vary from a very dark green with a somewhat pleasent smell and not so bad taste, to dark brown with heavy ammonia odor, and horrible taste, hence the name. It is not uncommon to find feathers, pebbles or pubic hair pressed within the buds.

It has lots of seeds, anywhere from 10 to 40 per rolled joint, and lots of stems too. Because of this, rolling a joint can take up to ten minutes, it could take even longer is the quality is so bad that the seeds have broken into hundreds of tiny bits, in this case when you light the joint the weed will taste like seeds and you wont be able to smoke it even thought you invested 20 minutes rolling it. Better (not best) quality homegrown buds are getting more common by the day but cost 70 times more (about $7 per gram), this means a real pothead can easily spend the equivalent to the entire minumum monthly salary just in weed. Because if this 99% of cannabis consumers here smoke amoniaco.
Tienes Amoniaco - DO YOU HAVE AMMONIA

Eso es amoniaco o cripi? - IS THAT AMMONIA OR CREEPY?
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by P I M P March 02, 2007
In Venezuela, short for "chicharron" the word used to describe what's left over of a cannabis spliff, defenitely not something worth holding to if you have a fresh stash waiting to be rolled. To qualify as a chicha the only rule is that it has to be 1 1/2" or smaller, anything longer can be consider a "Half Joint". A typical Venezuelan chicha wont have the carton tip, here we roll it jamaican style with the weed showing at the end, no problem. The exact translation to english is roach
Para darle dos a esa chicha - CAN I TAKE TWO HITS FROM THAT ROACH
#cannabis #roach #chicharron #porro #marihuana #joint
by P I M P February 27, 2007
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