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hate fuck it's the same thing here, just spelled out differently.
v. She's such a cunt; I'd fuck her, but only hate-fuck.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
same as plastered or wasted on anything or everything. Just really, really f-ed up
My life is so screwed up right now, but it's alright because I'm going to waxed and cum on some tits tonight.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
After oral sex, when the woman or still has the semen in his or her mouth, you cover up the mouth, punch the participant in the stomach, and the Walrus is revealed. With the mouth covered, the semen must come out of the nose, giving the appearance of Walrus Tusks.
n. I was going to hate-fuck her, but instead I gave her a Walrus.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
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