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When, after googling something, you come up with offensive and/or vulgar results that are irrelevant to what you wanted to find in the first place.
"I had no idea when I googled 'Bears' I'd come up with pictures of hairy chested gay men. Serious Googler's Remorse."

"I'd be scarred for life."
by P Banger October 01, 2009
The chemical element required in bro's in order to carry out day to day activities. Can be found in most energy drinks (Monster, Rockstar, etc.), fast food, Natty Ice, and various other foods. Not to be confused with brotein.
"I'm not feelin so hot, bro"

"You're probably just low on brotassium. Have the rest of my Monster Energy."
by P Banger October 20, 2009
Also known as a New Jersey U-Turn. When a driver enters a 4-way intersection, turns around in the middle, and heads in another direction. Usually results in an accident.
"Devin almost killed me the other day when he decided to pull a New Jersey K-Turn."
by P Banger November 03, 2009
A CD store, also known as PREX, located in Princeton, NJ. You can find all the CD's you're looking for, and even the ones you weren't looking for but buy anyway. People spend hundreds of dollars buying huge stacks of CD's, DVD's, video games and vinyl's. If you live in the area, it's the only place you'll ever have to go to find music and movies and extremely low prices, especially if you browse in the $1.99 section.
#1: I just spent $17 on that new Cold War Kids album.
#2: Dude, you should've gone to Princeton Record Exchange.
by P Banger April 07, 2009
A four piece garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Only famous for their one hit one wonder "C'mon C'mon" and their lead singer Jason Stollsteimer getting the shit beat out of him by Jack White.
#1: "The Von Bondies? Never heard of them."
#2: "They're that band whose lead singer got KO'd by Jack White."
by P Banger November 27, 2009
An amazing indie electronic duo from New York City. Made up of Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend and Wes Miles from Ra Ra Riot.
Have you heard Discovery's cover of I Want You Back by The Jackson 5? It's like an orgy in your eardrums!
by P Banger December 28, 2009
A term used to describe a situation that is possible, but unlikely to happen. Popularized by the tv show Glee.

Based on the 1988 Winter Olympics team who fell short of winning any medals but did surprisingly well.
"What do you think the chances are that Jennifer will say yes if I ask her to go out with me?"

"Jamaican Bobsled Team, dude..."
by P Banger February 14, 2010
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