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3 definitions by P'diddy Hite

the fraudulent appropriation and use of someone's identifying or personal data or documents, as a credit card. Then using it to spend all their coin.
TOM: "My Visa bill says I've spent five grand on hookers in Tijuana!"

PHIL: "Yeah? Sounds like the evils of identity theft."

TOM: "It surely does man, it surely does."
by P'diddy Hite May 21, 2008
A sad, sad little town. Some describe it as where the orchards meet the forests, it don't get more rural than that.
TOM: Dude, you wanna go to Naches?

PHIL: No thanks, I'm allergic to apples.
by P'diddy Hite April 21, 2008
A wagon that sells and/or distributes tacos. Usually run by Mexican-Americans.
"That taco looks quite delicious, wherever did you get it?"

"At the taco wagon on first."

"Oh, of course."
by P'diddy Hite February 02, 2008