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3 definitions by Ozzy Osbourne

I personally believe places like The Miss South Carolina and everywhere like such as, and Urbandictionary.com can't afford definitions, and, uh, like, I think the urbandictonary.com education people should help us.
Thank you Miss South Carolina for giving us the true meaning of entertainment
by Ozzy Osbourne January 10, 2008
(Pronounced L-O-Hell) A hell-like feeling you get when you discover you are chatting with somebody who pays no attention to you and simply says "LOL" all day hoping you wont discover you're practically talking to a wall.
John: So yeah I'm trying to get--
Bill: LOL!
John: Can you stop with the "LOL"? It's getting annoying.
Bill: LOL!
John: Oh lord, LOHell...
by Ozzy Osbourne January 06, 2008
List of things to appear in a typical episode/complaints about the series in general

1. In every episode: A common high-school stereotype must be brought up and made fun up.
2 In every episode: The "Paradise" of the school must be over-exaggerated.
3. In every episode: Contest. Zoey wins. She gets the greatest prize ever. The end.
5: Everyone that Zoey hangs out with is sane. Everyone who she doesn't hang out with is either a nerd, a weirdo, a bully, a dork etc. (See number 1)
6. Some weird bright pink, jeep, scooter, bike...thing that Zoey feels the need to ride from one place to another, that's only about one foot from each other.
7. PCA has their own News Channel, their own drink brand, their own movie theater and their own coffee stand...wtf?
-Watches Zoey 101-
-Head explodes-
by Ozzy Osbourne October 11, 2008