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An unsustainable system in which the Western 'Democracies' live under that are in the last throes of extinction using outdated unworkable methods of energy supply, natural resources exploitation and rigged-markets with fiat currencies pretending to be a free-market. The most unproductive of society 'make' the most money and those people that create real wealth, known as the working-poor are delegated to greater levels of debt. Thieving international Banksters are given the greatest rewards under a system of Crapitalism.

Crapitalism's educational systems are exclusive by being prohibitively expensive to keep brain-dead middle classes in work via their network of kakistocracy. Education is an almost useless and financially non-viable endeavour for entering the workforce to the lower classes, without a network of wealthy and well-connected cronies to hand them jobs and therefore becomes systemically pointless. Education becomes a right of passage to those that can afford it, but they are not actually qualified and are therefore unfit to make Capitalism function.

Crapitalistic ideas are kept alive by a monopolistic media which creates unbelievable propaganda to further this Zombie System, it only looks alive to the equally brain-dead supporters Sheeple of this Crapitalistic system as they are also robbed under the guise of a GFC which they cannot recognise as a Depression leading to the eventual total systemic collapse of Crapitalism and their own downfall.
I no longer recognise the system which we live under, it's a total mish-mash of lies, cheating, stealing and the rule of law has just become a joke. This is total Crapitalism.

I work 70 hours a week earning an average wage and living a very modest lifestyle and I still can't make ends meets. This has just become a bunch of Crapitalism.

We still rely on fossil fuels and and deadly nuclear power when solar power is the obvious answer, except under a system of Crapitalism.
by Ozzy Drongo February 17, 2012
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