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The term Red Shirt refers to security personnel from the USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, sent along on Away Teams, presumably to protect the more familiar characters. Unfortunately, they usually just ended up being killed, often times off-camera, by whatever was menacing the ship and crew in that particular episode. Thus, to suffer a Red Shirt Death is to be killed quickly, pointlessly and ignonimously.
When Tasha Yar got killed by that stupid tar monster, that was a total Red Shirt Death.
by Ozzwepay May 13, 2009
A whole lot of something.
Fred: Check it out! I had a party last night and now I have three full trash cans of beer cans to recycle!

Steve: Wow. That is a metric fuck-ton of aluminum cans.
by Ozzwepay February 23, 2011
When ordering food for a group at a taco joint, it's a good idea to get an extra taco, just in case someone is extra hungry!
"Oh man I finished my food but I'm still hungry!"

"You want the discretionary taco?"

"Hell yes!"

"Mild, hot or fire sauce?"
by Ozzwepay April 16, 2010
A ninja logger is a term common to online games and MMORPGs. The ninja logger is someone who says goodbye or goodnight, but then logs off too quickly for their friends to respond.
{Meatshield}: Goodnight everyone!
{Meatshield has left the channel}
{MasterBlaster}: Goodnight!
{MasterBlaster}: Damn ninja logger...
by Ozzwepay December 04, 2008
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