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Vomiting into a toilet -often violently and for an extended time- whilst holding its rim like a steering wheel.
Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, when asked at a press conference about his recent bout of food poisoning: "Yes, I was driving the porcelain bus half the night."
by Ozymoron October 02, 2009
Government of the dumb, for the dumb, by the dumb.
Person: How the hell did George W Bush get elected US President twice?

Person 2: Well, that's what you sometimes get in a dumbocracy.
by Ozymoron October 01, 2009
In Australian idiom, engaged in a hopeless task.
A: D'you reckon Davo's gonna crack it with that chick?
B: Nah mate. He's pushing shit uphill.
by Ozymoron October 03, 2009
One who takes the "active" role in anal intercourse.

See also: date packer, rally driver
No point trying to seduce him, girlfriend! He's a chutney puncher.
by Ozymoron October 03, 2009
To vomit, in Australian idiom.

Derived from the half-strangled gurgling sound which often precedes a sudden, violent vomit.
Davo's gunna be hungover tomorrow. I just heard him cry Ralph.
by Ozymoron October 02, 2009
The sweet-salt secretions that accumulate in the crotch of a woman's underwear when she is aroused.
A: Was she hot?

B: Hot? She was steaming! Her crotch was soaked in knicker-liquor!
by Ozymoron October 02, 2009
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