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A guy that is stuck in the friend zone yet is still always making passes at his female friends but never getting sacked or sending it to the endzone.

A best friend of the opposite sex that has no chance of ever dating you but continues to tell you how much they are in love with you. This gets especially worse with intoxication, making for akward nights and in extreme cases, drunken proposals adn future wedding promises.
Sarah is looking good. She is no longer playing friend zone quarterback with Josh after losing all that wright this summer at fat camp. I saw him totally checking her out.
by Oyeboman April 23, 2011
To retroactively "like" or "thumb" a large amount of a persons facebook posts and/or pictures.
That new guy I met is such a facebook stalker. He's been thumb bombing my page for the last week.
by Oyeboman April 23, 2011
When a person does something so ridiculously retarded that they seem to be like Rain man and Radio put together.

Superiorly retarded.
Hey radio-man, did the short bus drive you to work today or did you get a ride from your mom?
by Oyeboman April 23, 2011

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