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An act where 3 people dig up a grave of a woman. One man watches, One man jumps and One man recieves. The reciever puts his head by the womans fanny. The watcher watches out for other civilians. The jumper jumps on the dead body and all the insides go into the recieves mouth!

Used mainly as an insult. Whether this occured is unknown.
Ha, just because you got caught for Glodding you sick twat.
by OxygenFactory April 22, 2009
Something is so wonderful you would consider, "firing one off" right at that moment.

Can be an object, a person, any "thing"
A. Step Brothers is such a good film!

How good?

Masterbationally Good!

B. Have you seen that new girl?

Is she fit?

by OxygenFactory October 17, 2009
A slang word for a slut
Ewww... Look at that Mary-Ann Cummings.

Ewww... Look at that Mezz Cummings.

Ewww... Look at that Cummings

Ewww... Look at that Mezz

Ewww... Look at that Mary-Ann
by OxygenFactory June 09, 2009
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