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A "din3sh" (commonly known as polxxsores) is a term used to describe one's relations with other people and with ones' self. The "din3sh" usually has no relations with others due to certain people (also known as girls). A din3sh usually spends time playing ps2. Mostly found play family guy and spongebob squarepants:the game. pl0x
The din3sh: Yo fatter by the dozen, i just got all the collectibles in kelp forest(spongebob squarepants: the game!
Matt: Ummm...nice i guess by i really don't care. Hey i just got a date with that cute girl.
The din3sh: You got a date!?! when...?
Matt: You were too busy with that lame game.....
Patty: haha your getting owned by the fat kid
The din3sh: he a f*cking tub of lard
Matt: yeah spongebob haxxx!!!!
the Checca: church rules yo!
by OxfordBodom November 18, 2007
A person who is poor and does not seem to know. This person tries very hard to be cool but can't do it. Usually tries to always agree with the "cool" people.
Coolguy1: I just got this nice gibson les paul for $800.
"Checca": Wow nice how much was it with tax?
Coolguy1: Who...cares...?
Coolguy2: Don't be such a Checca

Example 2
"I met up with a guy who just kept agreeing with me to be cool, what a Checca!"
by OxfordBodom February 25, 2007
When somebody uses the word lol 3 times or more in one message.
Very dangerous, make sure you block who ever does this. Bad things happen to good people.
Marianna001: lol i just left from the mall lol, and i saw this homeless guy lol it was funny rofl!!!!1

Normalguy: OMG lol attack!!!! im blocking ur ass!!!!!1
by OxfordBodom February 25, 2007

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