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An american artist with hidden talents.
She is weird... obvously ... and she uses a lot of techno beats, but she also does a lot of acoustic songs on the piano. She is a classically trained pianist, and got accepted into NYU's music and performing arts program, which is REALLY HARD to get into, like... REALLY hard... you have to be really good!... however she's is always judged for trying to be different.... in the end you can love her or hate her, but ou can't say she can't sing... go look up her acoustic versions LIVE of her songs...my favorite one was her song "Captivated" which she performed @ NYU , or her acoustic version of pokerface on a show in Tokyo.... REALLY REALLY GOOD :) Seriously, I wasn't a huge fan til i saw it youtube it if you dont think she can sing... cause oh boy.... she CAN. Oh and she cleared uo the hemaphrodite/man rumor a long time ago... SHE'S A FEMALE KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE :) lol! have a nice day :)
There can be no example. Lady GaGa is just GaGa... just accept it already
by oxa95 November 17, 2010
singer/ sngwriter, with a very rich msic backround. She had been playing the piano since she was 4 (for 20 years now). She attended Tisch School of the Arts in new york, that is REALLY hard to get in to, you have to be really good, less than 22% of applicants are accepted. Really talented, and creative, although some consider her a bit insane. She Does both hit pop songs and amazing acoustic songs. SHE ACTUALLY SINGS LIVE, ALWAYS... and has great vocal range, which is noticeable mostly in her acoustic songs.She's not given as much credit as she deserves.
1) -Who was that girl singing with sprinsteen, sting and Elton Jhon?

- Why, Lady GaGa of course.

2) -Who was named TIME's 2010 most influencial artist award?

- Lady GaGa was
by Oxa95 May 16, 2010
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