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a member of the group who listens to the owlistic (adamazing, awesome,epic) creations of Adam Young, who usually will have an Owl City University account. the majority of Owl Citizens (also known as 'Owls') do not like Justin Beiber or any mainstream, pop music and prefer midwestern music such as

Owl City (and all side projects such as port blue, sky sailing)
Breanne Duren

another fact about Owl Citizens is that we are a noble few that can appricciate real music
Non-owl: "hey, follow me on facebook!!"
Owl Citizen: "no, i only use Owl City University"
Non-owl: "whats Owl City University?"
Owl Citizen: "its an online place for people to talk and express their love for owl city. but its only for Owl Citizens"
by Owl City Fan November 28, 2010

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