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Love... chances are you've heard this world spoken many times. You could have heard it around you, in a song, in a movie, or perhaps you've said it or have had it said to you. The chances also are that this world may not have held much meaning. Love could be such a strong word, but the fact remains that it's been said so many times it's almost hard to determine when it's actually meant. If said to someone who's not related and a potential 'significant other', this word can be dangerous. Oftentimes it's used as a trick, to get something out of another person. However, there's always one time, one glimmer in the dark, when someone speaks it and it holds the true meaning. Have you ever seen an old couple argue, and then moments later talk on like nothing happened? That's love. They're so comfortable with each other they can handle it. Have you ever seen a young girl, perhaps 10, say something to the extent of, "I love my boyfriend, we've been dating for a week and every time I see him I get butterflies in my stomach!"? That's NOT love. That's something else, something I've yet to understand.

Love is a truly great feeling, if you're lucky enough to truly feel it. It's like a roller-coaster, only it involves your mental being also. It's truly indescribable, though I know that love knows no age. I also know that yes, it does hurt when it's over. Not all love lasts forever... sometimes it's too young to withstand distance, or even the corrosion of time. Of all the things I've learned in school... the one thing I'm the most certain of is something they could never teach in a classroom. Love is most certainly worth the ride, even when it ends. Never regret something that once made you smile, and hold fast to the memories, not the emotions.
Love is said way too often, but a mother and her child, or an old couple... those are two perfect examples. Love can belong to family and friends too, you know. Not just someone who you 'like'.
by Owesh October 14, 2007

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