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5 definitions by Owen David

A sexual position, where a womans ankels are behind her head while she lays face down, the man then stands with his feet beside her thighs, the man then squats down and inserts his Penis into her Vagina, then he reaches under her legs from the outside and grabs the back of her head, (in a form similar to a full nelson) lastly the man thrust his hips violently until he ejaculates.
I took this girl home from the bar lastnight and threw her sexy little ass in The Reverse Huckle-Buck, "it was awesome!"
by Owen David November 30, 2011
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An erection, or great joy attained by any heterosexual male, as a direct result of something that his buddy (or "Bro") says, does, or shows him. A Broner can also be attained by any man as a direct result of his favorite sports teams performance, comentators talking about said teams dominance, and highlight reels of said sports team.
Every time Dan tells me about his sexual conquests with strippers, I get such a broner!

When (insert favorite RB's name here) had that 92 yard Touchdown run lastnight, I got a massive broner!
by Owen David November 30, 2011
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The child of an attractive woman.
Me - Damn Jake, that girl is hot!

Jake - Hell yeah, she's got a fuck trophy too, so we know she puts out!
by Owen David November 29, 2011
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A womans underwear/panties.
Jake and I were wondering what kind of snapper wrapper she was wearing?
by Owen David November 29, 2011
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The act of farting while walking through a group of people, or somewhere where people congregate.
John was crop dusting everybody yesterday while we were watching the game, it was foul!
by Owen David November 29, 2011
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