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The origional source of this word has become forgotten (mainly due to excessive alcohol consumption) however what we are sure of is it's meaning. The term refers to a child who goes by the name of Anthony Greensmith. As you can imagine, describing him as a top class, straight up, grade A, class act, useless moron puts a large amount of strain on ones larynx, so a word was needed to allow a short sharp delivery, as opposed to a long babbling tirade. Using our immense wit and tact, we replaced the beginning of the childs name with the term Goon.
Anthony: "Hi, I'm Barry Scott. Bang, and the dirt is gone!"
Girl: "Get the fuck away from me"
Everyone: Haha, nice work Goonsmith
by Owen & Ed Collaboration September 07, 2006
To mill about and do nothing for the sake of it - commonly mistaken for "lethargy" and "apathy" but is actually a mixture of both.
Also known as "apathargic"
Ed: Yo Owen, what are you up to?

Owen: Nothing much, I think I might just pand for a while.

Ed: Ah true say! "To pand" - the sweetest verb in the English dictionary! I might just join you for that!
by Owen & Ed Collaboration May 02, 2006

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