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Believers in non-immersion infant baptism, such as the Catholic Church, Episcopal Church or the Church of England. Derogatory term usually used by those who believe that the Bible mandates only full-immersion adult (or at least "age of reason") Baptism.
Did George Washington go to a baby-sprinkler church?

Yeah, he was Anglican.
by Owan November 03, 2007
A dog that's the perfect size for kicking across the backyard. Kickball-sized.
That pomeranian is just the right size for a kickdog!
by owan February 24, 2008
"fake maguro" ("fake tuna" in English) - an experienced woman who pretends she doesn't know anything about sex so a prospective husband won't realize that she's been around. See also "maguro."
She did the fake maguro thing for him and he loved it. Teaching her all sorts of tricks was great for both of them, even if she really already knew them all and more.
by owan January 23, 2008
Drinking a lot, then deliberately vomiting to make room for more. Best with beer.
"Dude, you gotta take another swig!"
"I can't, man, I can't..."
"Drink and rally, dude! Drink and rally!"
by owan April 14, 2008
The mist that supposedly arises from the toilet during urination and flushing and gets all over everything in the bathroom.
Mom, why are you brushing your teeth in the kitchen?

The mist! The morning mist! It gets on my toothbrush!
by owan January 17, 2008
Surgical operation to partially close the vagina in order to give the appearance of virginity.
We couldn't let her fiancee know she wasn't a virgin, so we went to the same doctor who'd given her an abortion to get her a love knot.
by owan January 23, 2008
(Japanese) a fake on-line dating service woman, used to draw in and keep males using a service. will express interest for a time, then drop out before a meeting.

She seemed really great and was all interested in my Star Trek action figures but when we were gonna meet up, she said she had just met someone "really special" who happened to live a little closer by. Just a damn sakura to keep me paying for this crappy service.
by Owan October 18, 2007

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