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A name given to a certain person at reading festival 2008, when one sleeps with a girl who looks like shes 12, in the game of man points. After festival that person is referd to as Gary.
Ben: See that bird i pooned last night?
Pete: Yeh man, wasnt she about 12 tho?
Ben: Err.... No 16!
Pete: Looked like she was 12 Gary Glitter!
by Overell1338 September 17, 2008
A massive shit. So ferocious that even god himself is scared of pushing one of these out his cheeks.
OMG garry! I just had the biggest ten ton shit in my life! and now my ass looks like a black hole!
by Overell1338 September 12, 2008
1) To poon, to pwn ,to hav a laugh all over something.
2) to cum over someones face
'I'd crooze on that pussy'

'Yeh man, after i crooze you on halo!'
by Overell1338 October 15, 2008

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