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When having sex with a women in the standing position, at the moment of orgasm, the woman is piledriven into the floor.
After I gave ol' Nicki the walla walla sledgehammer, I finished her off by supermanning all over her face, and made her fruitbowl me.
by Outlaw Avionics April 01, 2008
The act of deficating in your partner's mouth while they stimulate your penis with their feet.
My mom has been taking yoga so she can more easily give pops the `ol chocolate parmesian for his birthday.
by Outlaw Avionics April 03, 2008
During the act of anal sex, the giver lifts the taker and runs them across the room, stuffing the taker's face in the toilet.
That hooker's breath stank so bad, I was forced to give her the old dirt road dunk just get through it.
by Outlaw Avionics April 01, 2008
While having sexual relations from behind, the giver takes a tube sock, and uses it as a bridle to rein in the taker.
The best part of using the pony express technique, is it forces your gilrfriend to shut up during intercourse.
by Outlaw Avionics April 03, 2008
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