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Talking so loudly (especially on a cell phone) that everyone within earshot hears. Often done by self-aggrandizing poseurs who want people to notice them.
"I asked the waiter to move us to a different table, because that show business agent wanna-be was projectile commenting about his meeting with George Clooney"
by Ourmanflint1 November 19, 2007
Cat Lady In Making. A girl who decorates and wears cat stuff and Hello Kitty items. She has multiple stuffed animals and may already have acquired one or more stray cats. Her furniture is already scratched from cats and she has a cat box in her bathroom. They tend to wear large sweatshirts and have begun to isolate themselves from too much human contact.
I didn't realize Stacy has become a CLIM. She just adopted 2 new kittens and showed up at the dinner party with a weird cat sweater.
by Ourmanflint1 June 22, 2011

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