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Chavs are the Burberry-obsessed, sports-gear wearing, poor spelling teenage - middle-aged scum of the nation.

Chavs cannot, and will not be seen with less than 3 kilos of cheap, plastic jewellery, probably bought or stolen from Argos, Index, some other catalog company, or the 20 pence vending machines designed for five year olds.

Chavs like hurling insults at anything that moves, and pick fights with anyone and anything. Anyone not wearing some Chav brand is automatically "Gawrth" (which, translates to 'Goth').

Chavs usually like smoking cigarettes or weed, and drinking vodka or cider. They hang around by "Maccy D'zzz" (McDonalds), or "Beee xXx Kaii" (Burger King). They usually go to cinemas or shopping centres on weekends, or school holidays. At the cinemas, they must watch a sequel to a film, while texting a friend or throwing popcorn at people.

Chavs usually think it's cool to spend money on crappy, fake items. One chav said, and I quote: "yeh well all u stoopid emos fink chavs r cheep, i js spent 40 quid on a burbery cap soo stfu". (This cap, was fake.)

Chavs enjoy grafitti-ing too. Usually in bathroom stalls, scribbles of "Jess wuz yer 2kaii6" or "Lulu 2k7" can be found all over Britain.

Hmm... what else to say? You get the idea.
"yh wel chavs lyke roolz, dun tey? "

^. A typical chav's vocabulary.

"Errr ghey mingarrr!!"

^. A typical chav's favourite insult.

by OurLadyOfSorrows_x April 03, 2007

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