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The Speedwagon was a fast station wagon of the 1940's made by Ransom E. Olds (I don't know what the E stands for). Mr. Olds started two car companies, Oldsmobile and REO. Oldsmobile was later purchased by GM. REO became extinct a long time ago. Obviously, Oldsmobile is now just a part of automotive history as well.
Think of the REO Speedwagon as the Dodge Magnum SRT8 of the 1940's. I seriously believe the band was named after the car (also with Pantera).
by Otto Bahn June 16, 2006
Someone who goes through cars like normal people go through meat. Typically, a car-nivore buys a $500 car, never changes the oil, and then replaces it when the motor mysteriously melts down.
Man, Cris sure goes through the cars!

Yes, Cris is definitely a car-nivore.
by Otto Bahn January 18, 2007

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