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to do things in a way that seem unneedingly cruel and seemingly without conscience
That man is so devilistic he doesn't care who he hurts just to get his way.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
the study of being ill
He seems so cool he must have a PHD in illography, making him a achiever of high status.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
introduce evil to a seemingly innocent and pure soul and change forever the course of said person's life forever
He was such a nice person before he met Damien, but to be devilate and by him made him oh so bad.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
someone who thinks every problem can be solved with a joint session of some fine marijuana
You must think that everything is so easy that as an endocrat you could stop wars with just a ounce of marijuana in hand.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
going to the depths of madness and destroying everything you see
I dare to say that which may lead to my manialation, everyone whose ever scorned me just might make me go over the edge.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
someone so ill they define categorization
He's on another level that man and is so illitist i could never claim to be that cool.
by Otra-kei November 18, 2009
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