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Devone is when a food is really, really good! It's kind of like "divine" but only better.
We went to a French restaurant last night in West Hollywood. Let me tell you, the Fois gras was devone!
by Otiv Sixella Jewan June 04, 2006
"Mexidodge" refers to an area of town (any town in the U.S.) that has become largely Mexican in appearance and characgter and resembles "dodgy" areas of Mexico. Tiendas, taco shacks, street vendors, tons of kids, etc. etc.
We had been out of Los Angeles for over a decade. Whilst driving East on Santa Monica Blvd. near Western, we couldn't help but notice how "mexidodge" the area had become.
by Otiv Sixella Jewan June 04, 2006

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