8 definitions by Otis the Stripper

A wesbian is a person who lives in the land that time forgot, and stops.
She is generally a german teacher, but it can vary. The word 'wesbian' comes from the combining of the words 'welsh' and 'lesbbian'. So basically a lesbian from Germany.
Dennis: I have a german lesson with the Wesbian now.
Otis: haha...SHAME...dood.
Dorita: This is a serious matter, Otis.
Otis: er, why???
Dorita: Cos she can trap you in her world in which time stops.
Otis: OMG, we're never gonna see Dennis again *hugs*
Dorita: Yh bubi Dennis
Dennis: Oh I don't wanna die...maybe I'll bunk...
by Otis The Stripper May 21, 2008

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