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Similar to a spotter in weight lifting, in masturbation, when a man needs somebody to lend a hand, add lube or lotion during the act, click a mouse for him, turn a page, make sure you don't die while choking yourself, etc, this person is known as the spotter. You may also find a spotter helpful when having sex with a fat person. In this instance the spotter will offer encouragement, move any necessary appendage, etc.
"Hey Gary, I want to try out this new fleshlight and I need a spotter to choke me with a belt."
by Otis Richard July 11, 2008
Any hibbity-bippity Indian type, with or without burka, who refuses to eat a cow while half of India starves to death.

Actually, just use it for all people from India. Term is mostly derived from the fact that Indians have dots on their heads and are dark-colored folks.
I wanted to go to Third and Swanson, but the Spotted Coon driving the cab didn't speak English so I just had him drop me off at the mall.

by Otis Richard October 31, 2007
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