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The American Dream is what ever you want it to be. It doesn't have to be materialistic in nature or all about consumerism. It can be what ever you want it to be want. For example the American dream might be to have their own home and a car, or to someone else the American Dream might be starting their own business. The American Dream could also be about just being happy in life and what you accomplished in life as a whole.
Steve: The American Dream to me is to able to own my own house and own a car.
Paul: I achieved the American dream by opening my own business in my hometown in which I sells lawn mowers.
Sarah: Looking back at my life as a whole I had a great family, I had an amazing job and loved what I did and was happy overall with what I did in life, so I have achieved the American Dream.
by OtakuAnthony January 03, 2011
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