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A popular porn star's deformed foot.
WHAT THE HOOF? I think its self explanitory.
by OT November 15, 2004
Ugatz is derived from the Italian "u casso", literally translated as "this penis". The accompanying gesture involves dramatically lowering both hands, palms flat and facing outward, toward one's crotch. The term is used to signify a challenge to another in a variety of scenarios (see example below).
I'll never go to jail -- the DA doesn't have "ugatz" on me that will stand up in court.
by OT March 16, 2005
You wish you had one. Description of a kick ass parent who more then likely fights crime.
Damn, did you hear ____ has a poppadoo? I'm so jealous!
by Ot February 01, 2013
1) the act or capacity to handeling and/or brake in a car, truck, big wheel, ect...

The GN sucks at the handlobraesing.
by OT June 24, 2003
a queer steer who enjoys tossing the salad of others and making useless posts
roudyruffkk is such a buttfuck
by OT February 27, 2003
How a crazy cracker says "black people". Believed to be some secret way to refer to black folks without them knowing it...
black peoploode in my neignborhood, dontya just love em
by OT June 06, 2003
What happens when some monkey can't type and screws up a simple word like "handling". Often used by homosexuals to identify one another.
My car handlobrae better than your car, cause it's a civic and teh civic can never lose.
by OT June 06, 2003
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