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You are straight but you either like boys who look like girls or girls who look like boys. From the Greek "homeo" meaning "similar".
Lara's boyfriend Kurtis looks so much like a girl she must be a homeosexual
by Ostercy May 30, 2008
Someone who cannot stop going on and on and on about Islam.
If you think Tom Cruise is always talking about Scientology you should hear him when he's being an islamobore.
by Ostercy February 15, 2009
Ruler of Atlantis, villian of Tomb Raider
That Natla has very long fingernails, but I like her big red bat wings
by Ostercy June 01, 2007
Differences in the definition of parts of the human genome arising from the perceived race of the DNA donor
The discovery of a rap gene depends somewhat on the bioethnicity of the test subject
by Ostercy February 19, 2010
A word that is only meant to be read off the page, not said out loud.
Nobody says "LOL" out loud unless they are making fun of on-line chat because it is an amilitos.
by Ostercy November 06, 2010
A moron with a University degree
George Osborne thinks he know sums but nonetheless he's a bit of a unitard.
by Ostercy January 31, 2011
Inflation combined with an economy geared to benefit people who drive Jags.
Gideon supports jagflation becuase he'll be able to afford another butler.
by Ostercy January 24, 2011

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