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3 definitions by Ostello_totheC

to make and use a dildo carved from a potatoe, leaving slivers of potatoe in the cavity wich it was inside.
1. "Oh man, I went surf treading last night, and now im all dried out!"

2. Julia was shunned from soceity for being cuaght publicly surf treading.
by Ostello_totheC February 17, 2007
1. To go about town shitting on random things.

2. To crouch down and walk while shitting to see whos poop is the longest, was part of the first Olympic Games in Ancient Mexico.
1.Juan and his friends would go womp tromping and pretend they were old time Mexican Olympians.
by Ostello_totheC February 17, 2007
to pull out and cum.
1. Jonny didnt succed when he tried to crawfish from Tiffany.

2. Steve crawfished onto Julia's back.

by Ostello_totheC February 17, 2007