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The senior citizen option under the proposed Obama 2009 Government Health Care Plan. It's the ideal health care choice for seniors who have just had all they can tolerate and is efficiently delivered via a device called an "Objection" which is a large hypodermic syringe filled of one of the following exterminants (government health care member's choice): DDT, Digitoxin, Thallium, U235, Liquid Plumber, Anthrax, Liquid Cyklon B, Arsenic, Strychnine, Cyanide, Bubonic Plague Virus, Rabies Virus, Mercury, Ebola, or Cobra Venom. Eligible seniors are advised that there is no provision for the use of euphoria-generating overdoses of the more delightful drugs such as Herion, Morphine, or Cocaine.
"My Grandma chose the Bubonic Plague delivery of the Obamacide option which gave her a few extra days to shut down. What a great healthcare program -- it really saves lots of tax dollars!"
by Ospidillo August 19, 2009

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