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the various contents of ones' refrigerator which causes you or your guests to helplessly return to it, craving it's delicious contents; such as dips of many varieties, desserts, hummus, or anything else your diabetic, hypoglycemic ass is addicted to.
+ Hey ummm....uhhhh. Buddy.... Whatcha got in there? Got anything good in there? I'll suck your dick for some melba snacks and smoked salmon dip!
-Dude! get the fuck off me. What're you on, Refrigerator crack?
+ Oh come on man, I need some. i need it. Come on man?
-All i got is jalapeno artichoke dip and some pita chips, but i really think you should go to the clinic and get some Snackwells. It'll be ok, just close the refrigerator and let go of the handle.
by Oso D'lyshus March 11, 2008
A series of mobile homes, be it single, double or triple wide, slumped together like a bunch a wiener dogs humping one another. Usually sporting attributes like steel spiral staircases, concrete beer ponds, bud light can pyramids and streched pinto limousines all cumulating a higher value than the structure itself.
-hey is that a miniature mobile home version of the pentagon with a beer fountain in the middle?

+No. That's my neighbor's trailer park mansion. He just took down the flock of plastic pink flamingos for those little plastic gnomes.
by Oso D'lyshus March 18, 2008
Video gamers who continually restart to succeed at a level, battle, or match to avoid a losing record, or to continue ones turn without passing the controller to the next gamer in line.
Dude, what the hell? It's my turn!!!

Whatever dude, that was a winners restart. I'm just about to beat this level.
by Oso D'lyshus February 26, 2008
The state of intoxication where normal, yet seemingly impossible tasks or activities become not only plausible but almost second nature or impossible to fuck up. and get easier the more intoxicated you become. Activities such as bowling, pool, beer pong and talking to members of the opposite sex.
I'd totally want to play pool with you, but I'm not nearly fucked up enough to play. Maybe if i had some bionic intoxication going on, l'd kick your ass.

I wish my bionic intoxication would kick in so i could go ask that female for her number.

Now that i got me some bionic intoxication, I'm gonna fuck you up
by Oso D'lyshus February 26, 2008
to prematurely ejaculate.
Guy: ...Oooopps
Girl: Oops, what? why is it slippery all of a sudden?
Guy: Sorry babe. It was a little accidental friendly fire. I'll get you next time.
by Oso D'lyshus March 18, 2008
To be ahead of the curve in style, attitude and general social prowess. To be the originator of trends and the definer of the next fad.
-"Those have have got to be the most retarded sunglasses i've ever seen!"

+"Actually these are the coolest shit around, you just don't know it. I'm prefashionable."

-"Oh...where did you get em?"
by Oso D'lyshus March 18, 2008
Contraction. wussy+punani=wunani.
1. The most derogatory definition for wunani is the lowest form of cowardice attainable by the human race. Simply said, a wussy-pussy.
2. A more common usage would be someone who is cowardly for extremely stupid reasons like evading the police for having a suspended license, or shaving off all your hair because the court has requested you be drug tested.
-Hey, bro... where did the last beer go?
+Uhhh...I don't know.
-What's that in your hand? You're such a wunani. You should've called me on my way here. i would've pick up some beer and refrigerator crack before i came over.
+sorry bro. I know.
by Oso D'lyshus March 19, 2008

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