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When you eat your own nails and they happen to be quite intact during digestion and then scratch the insides of of your asshole when you unload your ass and it fucking hurts.
Guy 1: Hey I got a Shredded Asshole last night!
Guy 2: Yeah... That's fucking great to know
Guy 1: But instead of hurting, it gave me an orgasm.
Guy 2: Why am I your friend?
by Oskarmandude2 June 26, 2013
If you can't read this you either need glasses or you are an Old person.
Guy 1: I saw some Old person on the street asking me for money
Guy 2: Did you give him anything?
Guy 1: Fuck no, old people are scary.
by Oskarmandude2 July 02, 2013
The act of literally releasing feces from one's penis, the results are called dickshit, the process takes a long time and usually ends with a lifelong virginity warranty.
Guy 1: Ahh fuck I had penal defecation this morning
Guy 2: How much shit did you piss out?
Guy 1: I'm not finished
by Oskarmandude2 June 26, 2013

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