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2 definitions by Oscar Goldman

A term preceded by a pound (#) sign, embedded in tweets, forum posts, or other online communications. Used by people who are ignorant of how content-indexing systems work, thinking that they have to create identifiers or catchphrases to make their content searchable and more prominent.

The number of these tags embedded in a person's communications is proportional to their self-importance and insecurity.
One of the great things about the #iPhone was abandoning the #stylus. Not sure why #samsung thinks bring it back is #innovation and #freedom

(That's it; the form validation stupidly insists that the word "douchetag" appear in here.)
by Oscar Goldman August 20, 2012
A brownie containing marijuana. The name originates with Colorado's legalization of marijuana and the resulting edible marijuana products being available for retail purchase.
"Hey, bro--are these Colorado brownies?"

"You know it, son. Got them at my local dispensary."
by oscar goldman October 08, 2013