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Seattle, Washington.

Vagina Cake is when you stack multiple girls on top of each other, hence assembling a vagina cake, now you just need to add the icing.
"I stacked em up and had myself a vagina cake."
by Osama Been Laughin March 29, 2009
Seattle, WA

brown baggin is when you're walkin around in public drinking alcohol, most likely out of a brown bag.

Some of the more clever people prefer to hide the alcohol in an incognito cup, this is refered to as The Magiver Cup
"fuckin homeless people always brown baggin down town, I wish we could put them all in an arena and watch them eat each other."
by Osama Been Laughin March 29, 2009
An insulting term used to describe one's beloved parent as a hermaphrodite, having both a vagina and a penis, also known as a "cockgina"
Momdad "When your learned to crawl, heshe stayed in that position."

"Your momdad went to college."
by Osama been laughin March 29, 2009
Seattle, WA

Trying to pick up some fresh new pussy
"Yo, we need to hit the town and do some carpet shopping tonight, I just got dumped by that cockpocket"
by Osama Been Laughin March 30, 2009
A delicious product made by the same people who brought you "bacon Salt," a product that is cosher, non fat, and vegan, thats right, vegan, bacon flavored salt.
"Baconnaise" as such, is bacon flavored mayonnaise. Delicious and wonderful, everything should taste like bacon!
baconnaise "Put some mothafukin baconnaise on that!"
by Osama been laughin March 29, 2009
Magiver Cup

The slurp n gulp cup you get from the 711 to hide your 40oz of old english in.
"I need to get me a magiver cup for this walk."
by Osama Been Laughin March 29, 2009
Seattle, Washington

Hide A Hoe

The type of man who's girl friends are un-attractive, so un-attractive in fact that they rarely, if ever, to showcase their defective product in public.

We're talking, waiting till the room mates fall asleep to sneak her in the back door ugly. What makes a person a hide a ho is their dedication to continuously hiding their cock pockets.
"We heard you sneakin that girl into room last night, captain Hide a Hoe."
by Osama Been Laughin March 29, 2009
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