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A Mid-sized family car that is made by Nissan. The Altima came into production in 1992 and is known for its great handling. It has the most HP in its class and it owns skylines even on its worst days. The Altima comes with 150 hp stock, in 2000 it came with 155. In the year 2002, the V-6 altima came with 240 HP. Thus making it a Japanese supercar.
My mom drove me to school in a Nissan Altima, now I drive it because I am a pimp.
by Osama August 04, 2003
name given to peolpe that give oral ass lickings to other people
your a sewer chewer
by osama April 22, 2003
scheduler; nigga with an attitude; likes to pwn green, sasuke, and fever in the face.
TheAnswer scheduled a match between shatterface and Team Catalyst.
by Osama March 16, 2005
the craziest nigga on the block; throws nades in baptist churches. The coolest guy to play css with. You need one on every team.
Me and my rumpled getting all ready to scrimmage.
by Osama March 16, 2005
A word synonymous with the most celebrated model in the BMW line, but often misconceived as the greatest car of all time. Often pursued and purveyed by Asian males and females who otherwise don't believe anything else is better than their 2.5L/3.0L inline 6 engines. This is also treasured by fobs who believe that they have just risen to the top of society when they merely created a false perception of attaining game - otherwise can't speak a word of English
A: My 3-series is definitely the ultimate driving machine, and I am getting so many bitches!

B: Ultimate driving machine compared to a Camry and getting looks from chicks because you made yourself a pompous idiot.
by Osama January 15, 2004

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