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used as a noun, a community of people, mostly Muslims, with funny beards and kkk-like clothes. Literal meaning: "The Base". Al Quaida was founded in Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden is their CEO. The main aim of Al Quaida is the muslimic world domination. To reach this, every infidel has to be killed or converted to the "right religion". The hate, anger and frustration of Al Quaida-members (especially Afghanistan-members) is the result of the suppression of woman, which lasted for decades and is still lasting...e.g.: They put their women in the "Burka", to hide their skin from the eyes of other men or something..To compensate their very negative emotions and feelings, the founders of Al Quaida figured out, that the raping of animals (e.g.: donkeys (Osama´s favourite), camels, chickens and horses) and the killing of infidels (in that order) are a fucking good way of anger-managment. Nowadays it is common knowlegde that the afghan Al Quaida members are the worlds most acknowledged experts in professional animal raping and terrorism.
World´s annual fair of animal raping featuring special guests: Al Quaida
by Osam-A-rama April 13, 2006

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