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Attacking a girl's genitals, whether for fun or for reasons of self defense. While not as easy of a target as a man's testicles, the clitoris is every bit as sensitive. Even a playful slap, while not particularly harmful, can still be enough to make a girl double up and fall to the ground in pain. On the other hand, a full force kick can crush the clitoris up into the pelvic bone, compressing it. Since the clitoris is so tender, this will cause the girl incredible amounts of pain, and in some cases, severe injury, such as vulvodynia, bruising of the vulva and clitoris. In extreme cases, the girl may experience bruising to her pelvic bone as well. Severe cases of cuntbusting also carry the potential of emotional trauma, since the average girl tends to be more sensitive than the average boy.

For some reason, a surprisingly large number of (mostly younger) girls are unaware of their genitals' tenderness. Yet when kicked full force in the groin by the same person, girls are going to suffer just as much (if not even more) pain as boys, because of the double shot on the clitoris and the pelvis. The clitoris is located slightly higher, so when kicking a girl in the groin, the attacker aims higher and hits the clitoris and the pelvis, which is located right behind it. On the other hand, the testicles hang lower, so when kicking a boy, only his testicles are hit, and not his pelvis. It's still incredibly painful for a boy, but he won't have pelvic bruising to add to his injuries.
Danny: So Sarah tried to kick me in the nuts over the last bagel this morning.

Alec: That's a bad idea, considering you're a black belt in karate... what'd you do? You let her have it?

Danny: Let's just say I gave my little sister a cuntbusting she'll never forget!

Alec: How so?

Danny: I kicked her so hard in her little pussy that she dropped to the ground immediately and burst into tears.

Alec: That'll teach her.

Danny: She's probably still crying.
by Orren Wells May 08, 2013
Nickname for the University of Georgia, due to its large number of students (particularly athletes) getting arrested. It doesn't just happen with its students; professors have been arrested, too. Even their Athletic Director got jailed for a DUI. THUGA can also stand for The Head University of Getting Arrested.
Sean: Did you hear that professor at Georgia that got arrested for prostitution?

Martin: Typical THUGA
by Orren Wells May 08, 2013

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